“I have tried so many diets and programs to lose the bloating, even daily exercise didn’t help. The 21 Day Reset balanced my body. My hormones are balanced, my bloat is gone, I’ve lost the cravings, I’m never hungry (I look forward to the food though), the food is simple to make and I feel amazing! This is by far the easiest program I’ve tried and the best results I could have asked for! I’ve never been able to stick to programs in the past, but I actually really enjoyed this one. This is my new lifestyle.” – Danielle

✨ My 21 day Reset results ✨⬇️ 3.5kgs ⬇️ 26cms

Blown away how quickly 21 days went past. This reset by far, has been the best weight loss/strength gaining program I have ever experienced over the many years of trying everything (what woman hasn’t). I’ve found it easy to stick to, no cravings, I’m sleeping so much better & finding it easy to wake early for my morning training before work. I have zero bloat & my digestive system is on point 👌🏼 I have long lasting energy throughout the day & I haven’t experienced any hormonal breakouts on my face that I usually get.

I’m a busy mum of 4, so the eat in 3’s just simplifies everything so when I’m on the run I have now mastered quickly throwing the 3 things together 😆 This is only the beginning for me.

– Louise

“I was pretty unsure how this would all pan out for me being fairly fit and healthy already BUT WOW WOW WOW I feel amazing My hormones were pretty all over the place 12 months post pregnancy and just finishing up breastfeeding. Now I feel like the hormones have levelled out and I have so much ENERGY and Focus , My body feels lean and so much stronger, my baby bump has pretty much disappeared. I have lost 24 cm round my body and 2.8 kg down. I’m small already so this is massive for me. First time post pregnancy that I have wanted to show my body off and with confidence.”

– Melissa

I don’t have discipline when it comes to eating. I always eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I was abit apprehensive about starting the reset because I knew from past experiences I wouldn’t last more than a few days but my WHY was stronger that that 👊 I have not had severe cravings, I have learnt so much with eating in 3’s, I’ve lost 2 kgs on Day 21 and 12 cm in total 🙌 Definitely taking this knowledge, sharing it and using it to reach my end goal.

– Christie-lee

My goal was to stabilise my blood sugars, gain strength and tone my muscles. I’m a married mum of 3. Due to my blood sugar condition I was having a hypo 3 to 4 times a week and had to check my sugars every 2 hours and feeling myself at all. Since the 21 day reset program I have NOT had one Hypo and have felt myself crazy energetic self again and I love it.
Finally I found a program that provided me with all the tools and recourse to set me up for success, to understand my body better in simple terms, and how to fuel it based on my needs.
The food was delicious and simple to prepare and that’s important being a busy mum. To top it off I am part of a community which cheers you on and supports you like no other.
I will be on the Reset for life!

– Amanda

I’m so grateful to have found the 21 Day Reset! It has changed so much about my life and myself for the better!

Before I started the 21 Day Reset I was just tired and exhausted all the time, my hormones were crazy and my moods had become irritable, I didn’t really feel happy about anything. It was an effort to get through the day and I was fueling my body with sugar and chocolate and anything I could. I thought it was all just a part of aging. I tried to keep this a secret not wanting my work colleagues or family to know that I was so dependent on sugar. My clothes were getting tighter and tighter to the point I wouldn’t wear my jeans because they were so uncomfortable, then I found my skirts becoming tight too. I was just feeling more unhappy with the situation and myself. When I saw some of the results that were being achieved in 21 days, I thought “I have to give it a go. What have I got to lose?”

I’m so glad I took the leap of faith and tried the 21 Day Reset. I have learnt so much about what my body needs to function its best and how to incorporate food and exercise to get results. My cravings have disappeared and my clothes are now a little too big. My moods have stabilised and I’m not so cranky with my kids anymore. I have sooo much energy! I love it and so do my family! I really do feel fabulous!!!

I love this new lifestyle and the people I’ve met along the way! It’s given me so much more than I was expecting!

– Heidi

To say I’m proud of myself is an understatement. Since having my two children, I had tried numerous things and nothing was shifting. My never give up attitude meant that I was willing to give the ’21 Day Reset Program,’ a chance.
In 21 days, I lost 2.7kgs and 19cms off my body. I learnt how to eat every 2-3 hours, fuelling my body and allowing it to work at its best. My energy levels sky rocketed, I was excited to be in the kitchen again and I had the energy to exercise, before or after a full day’s work.
This program has brought me back to life. It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever committed to, which also fits perfectly into my busy life of work and family. The community support, sharing of food ideas and encouragement has also made things so much more fun and achievable.


21 day reset completed! The results I’ve gotten are amazing. My physio is blown away at my movement, stress free muscles and power. My energy, sleep and mindset has shifted dramatically. Not to mention relationship with food OMG 😃More energy, great sleep, free movements, stronger core, new relationship with food and mindset reset!


Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.