Kyani was developed in 2007 by two families, The Hansons and the Taylors. Both families are extremely successful in business, within the petroleum, hotel chain and farming industries. By enlisting the knowledge and experience of their Scientific Advisory Board, the Kyani Triangle of Health was born. From revolutionary wellness products, to state of the art technology, a highly competitive business opportunity and above all, their Caring Hands Charity feeding hungry families the world over.

To sum up, their mission, “To bring hope – the promise of a better life – through wellness and opportunity” is at the core of this company.

They have gone on to create two more exciting product lines. Fleuresse a botanical skin care range for instance and their Protein Nutritional range launched in the U.S.A and the U.K.

With these great products and their mission to improve the lives of others, Kyani is laying the foundation for healthy living globally!

The Caring Hands Charity

The Kyani Caring Hands mission, strives to make a difference to less fortunate children around the world. They do this by improving access to sanitation, nutrition and education.

Kyani donate $1 from every purchase made in North America, Europe and Australia to the Caring Hands mission. Kyani’s distributors have the opportunity to match it, therefore furthering how the mission can help those abroad.

Kyani conduct service around the world. Helping out in natural disasters and organising annual Caring Hands mission trips where their members get to travel and help hands on. Building schools and also handing out much needed food for instance.

The Potato Pak

The Potato Pak is a Kyani product of dehydrated potatoes enriched with Kyani nutrition. As a result, each serving of Potato Pak is fortified with over 12 grams of protein, 34 grams of carbohydrate, along with essential vitamins and minerals. Delivering life-sustaining nutrition to those who have no means to feed themselves for instance.

With the help of donors all over the world, Kyäni has provided more than two million servings of Potato Pak for children and others in need across the globe.