When this little one started getting big feelings, getting overwhelmed and just having trouble sleeping, I decided it was time to start getting her into a Pranayama practice to help bring calm to her world.

We started with Nadi Shuddhi Pranayama. Nadi Shuddhi helps relax the mind and prepares it to enter a meditative state. So it is great before meditation. Nadi is a Sanskrit word meaning “subtle energy channel” and Shuddhi means “cleansing or purifying”. Practicing this breath purifies the subtle energy channel, allowing oxygen to flow freely throughout the body.

It has many benefits to the body, and for this little one we see an instant improvement in her mood and sensitivity. It helps her go off to sleep and helps her come back to a calm state. If I notice her getting to a heightened state, I just need to say Nadi Shuddhi and she knows. She’ll sit down and do a couple of rounds. If I don’t get on to it quick enough and she’s beyond it, I have to wait and come back to it after, but the more we practice the easier it gets. She enjoys it and likes to feel calm.

I noticed a need for these techniques for children. Children are so overstimulated these days, they don’t understand the feelings in their little bodies and have trouble communicating them. We are here to help children find their calm with breathing Pranayama techniques and yoga. Giving them skills they can carry through life to help them through life’s many challenges in an effective way. Wether it be first day of school nerves, stress at exam time or just to help with big feelings in little people.

In these classes I teach both child/ren and parent/s the Nadi Shuddhi technique on a group Zoom setting. This empowers the parent/s to maintain the practice in the home as a regular bedtime practice and any time they feel their little one/s becoming overstimulated, anxious or overtired. Teaching kids that they are the ones in control of their feelings, helping them to identify unwanted feelings and enjoy the feeling of calm. It is recommended to practice daily for ongoing benefits.

These classes are split up in to age groups to suit 3-6yrs, 7-11yrs and 12 to adults. You gain access to all three videos with your purchase to suit everyone in your family. Adults will need to help younger children with the class and their practice until they are familiar.

If you have any questions or would prefer to book a private session, please click the ‘Private Session’ box below, fill out the contact form and we will get back to you. We look forward to helping you bring calm to your home and teach your little ones the benefits of self regulation and calm. Namaste