Kyani Charity
Kyani Potato Pak

Let us help you make an impact! You can give even more life-changing nutrition to families in need from July 11-18. When you purchase two 5 serve Potato Paks Kyani will donate a third on your behalf. That’s 15 servings for the price of 10!

Each Potato Pack serving contains:

Kyani works through its Caring Hands foundation to deliver these Potato Paks to families in need around the world. Check out the below video to see the journey your donation will take!

Are you ready to up your impact? Take advantage of this promotion from July 11-18, and start spreading the word!

Please note that your Potato Paks are donated directly to those in need and will not be shipped to you. As they are charitable donations, Potato Paks purchases are nonrefundable.

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