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Our bodies are comprised of complex systems that depend on nutrients like proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and also provide us with the energy we need. In recent history we have altered this delicate balance and as a result, our modern diets are not what they once were. Many are not aware that processed and even synthetic foods make up a larger majority of our daily intake, thus leading to many chronic diseases, obesity, depression and other consequences.

Good nutrition goes much further than giving your systems and organs the elements they need to be healthy. Nutrition has a direct impact on how you feel, your level of energy and also how well you think and sleep. It effects your mood and also self confidence. Above all good nutrition is at the core of your quality of life. Regardless of diet, taking one simple step can help to ensure that your nutrition and physical wellbeing are the best they can be for healthy living.

Why Supplement?
How To Absorb More Vitamins For Healthy Living
The Optimum Health Cycle – How Your Body Is Meant To Feel

Why Supplement?

How To Absorb More Vitamins For Healthy Living

The Optimum Health Cycle

Answering The Technical Questions About The Triangle Of Health

Answering The Technical Questions About The Triangle Of Health

Nutrition For Athletes

Nitric Oxide Review For Athletes

Kyani For Athletes

What Do Athletes Say About Kyani Triangle Of Health?

Hear Their Results

Why Buy Kyani?

Kyani has developed a simple yet extraordinary nutritional system that has therefore helped hundreds of thousands around the world to achieve optimum health. After years of extensive research, Kyani assembled the most remarkable superfoods and botanicals from around the world and consequently formed the Triangle Of Health. 3 products that work together to optimise wellness in a way that only Kyani has achieved.

The triangle of Health is a simple easy to use nutritional system that has genuine, positive effects on your physical health. Improving your wellbeing greatly impacts your life, career and relationships, so you might accomplish something extra at work or spend a little more quality time with your family or work out harder for longer, as a result.

“The great thing about the Kyani Triangle of Health is that we have 3 scientifically based products that combine the best that science and the world’s health traditions have to offer. When we put them together they synergise in a way so that the whole is very much greater than the sum of it’s parts.” Dr. Clair Francomano – Kyani Scientific Advisory Board

For decades, Kyani has sourced only the best quality ingredients, sustainably and created their products in such a way, that the nutrient content is not lost in the process consequently trapping in the quality for improved effectiveness and healthy living. You can read about it here.

When taking the Kyani Australia recommended dosages, benefits may include;

  • Sustained Energy Levels
  • Better Quality Sleep
  • Improved Circulation
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Better Sexual Health
  • Supports Heart Health
  • Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  • maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels
  • Normalise Blood Pressure Levels
  • Supports Cellular Health
  • Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Supports Immune System Effectiveness
  • Improved Brain Function
  • Healthier hair, skin and nails

Triangle Of Health

Kyani Triangle Of Health


  • Nutritional support for optimum performance
  • Enhanced nutrient delivery and absorption


  • Boost workout by up to 35%
  • More reps, more drive, more distance


  • Minimal soreness and fatigue
  • Removes lactic acid, improving muscle renewal

Kyani Sunrise

Kyani Sunrise
  • Calcium D-Pantothenate maintains normal fat metabolism and energy production
  • Supports normal neurological structure and function
  • Folic Acid assists in normal blood formulation and cell division
  • Contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism
  • Supports normal cardiac function
  • Encourages normal immune system function
  • Riboflavin provides normal functioning of the nervous system
  • Thiamine HCI promotes normal neurological function
  • Maintains normal skin and mucous membranes

Kyani Sunset

Kyani Sunset
  • Important for normal health immune function
  • Helps build and maintain strong muscles
  • Supports normal vision
  • Maintains healthy skin
  • Assists in maintaining normal cardiac function
  • Contributes to normal cognitive function
  • Protects the body’s cells from oxidative damage
  • Most potent form of Vitamin E
  • Promotes health mucous membranes

Nutritional Products

Healthy Living with The Triangle Of Health Kyani

Kyani Sunrise

A powerful supplement with water soluble nutrients, antioxidants, also vitamins and minerals from the worlds most prized superfoods. In addition, the premier ingredient being the wild Alaskan Blueberry. Over thousands of years it evolved to protect itself with a rich coloured pigment called Anthocyanin.

Consequently this phytonutrient is the source of the wild Alaskan Blueberry’s antioxidants. Boasting at least 5X the potency of the common blueberry. In addition over 20 additional superfoods like Acai Berry, Mangosteen, Amla and Ashwaganda combine to form a wide spectrum of vitalising nutrients. In short Kyani Sunrise is the first blend of vitamins and superfoods to successfully balance the entire spectrum of these life giving nutrients.

Above all, in order to increase the bio-availability of the other supplements, Kyani has intentionally separated the essential lipid soluble nutrients from the water soluble ones.

Kyani Sunset

Therefore, this resulted in a convenient gel capsule called Kyani Sunset. Taken in the evening, when our body processes lipids. Sunset is a proprietary combination of a unique form of Vitamin E and Omega 3’s, derived from wild Alaskan salmon and other wild fish. Sunset also contains the essential Vitamin D and Beta Carotene, which is most importantly a natural source of Vitamin A.

As a result, Kyani Sunset has been awarded the Monde Grande Gold Award both times it was entered.

Kyani Nitro

The product that completes and also turbocharges the triangle Of Health is the Kyani Nitro family. Powerful supplements that boost Nitric Oxide production in the body, consequently called the molecule of life. Nitric Oxide has been shown to dilate blood vessels. In short this means the body’s ability to deliver the nutrients from Sunrise and Sunset to the cells is greatly enhanced, this benefit is what makes the Kyani Triangle of Health truly unique in the nutrition industry.

* These statements have not been evaluated by any government agency. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Using the Triangle of Health

natural nutrition supplements

Kyäni Nitro FX or Nitro Xtreme

Take 20 drops of Nitro before taking Kyäni Sunrise. Either under the tongue or in a glass of water.

Kyäni Sunrise™

Rip and sip. Take 1 pouch in the morning for essential vitamins, trace minerals, and antioxidants.

Kyäni Nitro FX™

Take Nitro in the early afternoon for an extra energy boost.

Kyäni Nitro FX™

Take 20 drops of Nitro before Kyäni Sunset. Either under the tongue or in a glass of water.

Kyäni Sunset™

Take 3 gel caps with dinner for optimal absorption and to allow the powerful Tocotrienols and omega-3s to help restore your body during sleep.

Want to know about the science behind the Triangle Of Health?

Kyani have developed each of it’s products with the experience and knowledge of a Scientific Advisory Board. Each member has an extensive background dedicating their lives to achieving health and wellness through advances in science and medicine. With expertise in Genetics, Health/Exercise Science, G.P., Aesthetics in Medical Skin Care, Nutrition and Supplementation, certainly they are well equipped to understand the human body and the effects of natural nutrition.

Kyani Quality Control & Sustainability

Kyani have stringent measures in place to ensure the quality of their products is at the highest level. This not only ensures the products are safe for you and your family, it also provides maximum benefit. Kyani have certifications to ensure the quality, potency and purity of their products and are consequently TGA approved in Australia. For the documentation for Kyani and the TGA click here.

Kyani certifications
Monde Grande Gold Award for Kyani Sunset natural nutrition
Kyani Sunset natural nutrition
The ingredients for healthy living

Why purchase through us?

Passionate about healthy living, in 2015 we helped to launch this product to Australia as Independant Distributors. Due to the product’s effectiveness, word spread fast and as a result, we very quickly understood their power and grew our business internationally. We offer support 7 days a week via our email Or you can request a call back if you prefer to speak over the phone.

Ordering the Kyani products is simple! Purchase through our online store and your products will be sent directly to your door from your nearest distribution centre world wide.

We are located in Australia. Kyani Australia’s distribution centre is located in Sydney. We also have centres in New Zealand, USA, Canada, Europe and throughout Asia.

Kyani offer a 30 day money back guarantee for peace of mind! So, if you’re not happy, simply return the packaging to Kyani within 30 days for a full refund less shipping.

We also offer FREE SHIPPING on all Aussie orders over $175 AUD! (over $100 USD for USA customers and over $195 NZD for our NZ customers) And for any purchase under $175 within Australia shipping is capped at $12.95.

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