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How to save money

How To Save Money On Your Products!

A Thank you For Customers | How to save money on your products!

Kyani Customer Referral Rewards Program to save you money

Customer Referral Program Launches today!

Do you like discounts and free stuff? Of course you do, right? Here’s how you can save money on your products!

Now, when existing Customers refer Kyäni products to a new Customer, they’ll get 10% of the new Customer’s purchase applied as a credit to their account!

There’s no limit to how many credits you can earn, and you get credits every time the new Customer makes a purchase!

The beauty of it is that credits never expire. Save them up over time to use all at once, or they can be applied on their very next purchase.

How to save money on your Kyani Products

Wether you are buying a single product or a combo pack, you will earn rewards from every customer order you refer! Simply just share the customer referral link in your Customer back office and then you earn the rewards!

Not only is it risk free with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, but now you can save money by simply helping others feel great and share with them how they can also save money on products themselves!