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workout harder

The Compounding Effect Of Consistency

work out harder

When you set yourself a goal, wether it be a health or fitness goal, a career goal, a financial goal, or a family goal, there will always be struggles. There will always be elements of it that we don’t want to do or find difficult. Let’s face it, if it were easy you would already have it. The difference between the ones who are succeeding, is that they will do what ever it takes to get through it, that is to say they are willing to do what others simply won’t! It is the compounding effect of consistency. Do you want to eat better? Work out harder? Increase your income? Lose weight? Run faster? All of these take consistent action and also discipline to reach.

Your result is defined by what you choose to be consistent in. Do you choose to be consistent in eating junk and watching Netflix or do you choose to be consistent in eating healthy and moving your body daily? Do you choose to be consistent in doing the bare minimum in your work/business or do you choose to be consistent in learning and growing and also putting in the extra effort? You are going to be consistent in something, but is that something bringing you closer to or further from your goal?

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5 Steps To Get The results You Want

  • Keep your eyes on the prize. If you focus on the result you want, you are more likely to achieve it. You can’t hit a target that you can’t see. Have clarity on the desired outcome. Visualise it. Then work out the daily steps you need to take to reach it. If you want to work out harder, what exactly is it you want to do? Go for longer? Lift heavier weights? Increase your flexibility? Maybe you just started working out and you are working out for 30 minutes but you want to increase it to an hour at a time. If you want to lose weight, how much weight and in what time frame? Be specific in what you want and then take the relative actions to get there.

  • The power of one. Expecting to change years of bad habits overnight will only set you up for failure. A lifestyle of poor choices is going to take time to undo, so allow yourself that time, come up with a plan to gradually change your ways. It takes 30 days to form new habits. So, rather than overwhelming yourself with a tonne of things to change to get to where you want to be, just pick one. Make one change. Start there and focus on that for 30 days, then once you are on top of that, then pick another. Anyone who has ever achieved anything big in life, has done it one step at a time.

  • Schedule it. Don’t proiritize your schedule, schedule your priorities. You need to take a serious look at your daily habits and take inventory. Look at what you are doing on a daily basis and ask yourself, ‘Is this the way to get me closer to my goal? Or is it taking me further from my goal?’ Focus on the habits that will get you where you want to go and prioritize that in your schedule. You may not always ‘feel’ like doing it, but when it becomes part of your daily routine you’ll be in the habit of doing it.

  • Check your emotion. Some days you just won’t feel like it, you’ll think you just can’t do it. Consistency teaches you the discipline to stick with it, even on the days you don’t want to or you’re too tired. By following the engagement of consistency you give yourself no choice but to change. And let’s face it, you need to change in order to get the result you want. Watch your self talk, catch yourself when you start thinking – I can’t, I don’t feel like it, I’m too tired, it hurts, it’s too hard and know that pushing through it all, that is where the magic happens!

  • Stay the course. Everyone falls off the wagon at times, but you don’t fail until you quit. By not picking yourself up again and continuing, you are only self sabotaging your success. Be gentle on yourself. It’s ok to have bad days. Be flexible, but stay committed to your success. It needs to be a lifestyle. You need to make a commitment to the life or the result you want.

It doesn’t mean that all of this is easy. There will still be challenges and obstacles. These challenges and obstacles are exactly what we need in order to build our resilience. Rather than focusing on what you can’t do, focus on what you CAN do. You need to have a strong goal and a powerful why as this helps you navigate through the tough days. The days you want to sleep in, the days you want to snack and eat junk, the days you want to stay home instead of working. Those days will come, but if you’re prepared, you will see it through.

Imagine yourself at your end goal. What does it mean to you to work out harder? To earn more money? To be healthier? Focus on the outcome and the daily steps to get you a littler closer each day, then it won’t seem like such a momentous task and overwhelm you.

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