healthy living challenge

Is one of your goals for 2021 around wellness, fitness or finances?

Know what you want, but not sure how to get it? Need an accountability partner? Want access to high quality natural nutrition supplements?

Join us on the 2021 Healthy Living Challenge! Over 90 days you will have support, guidance and recipes from expert nutritionists, doctors and athletes guiding you. So you can eat better, move correctly and supplement well to help you achieve your goals!

The Grand Prize of $15,000 USD is up for grabs. Plus $1,000 USD Runners Up prizes to be won. This is open in Australia, NZ, USA, Canada and UK. So that prize money will be converted to the winners’ currency!

The best part is, you can start any time and your 90 days begins from the day you enter!

Entrance is free, you just need to be taking at least 2 of our products per month for the duration of the challenge to help you feel amazing and reach those goals.

Wether your goal is to get fitter, stronger, more flexible, eat better, lose weight, tone up or just live a healthier life – you are eligible to enter! It’s not just a physical transformation, it’s a lifestyle transformation challenge, because we want you to live your best life!

Are you ready for the 90 Day Healthy Living Challenge?