reset your body in 21 days. Reset your metabolism, balance hormones

Health is something most people don’t think about until it’s too late. But what if there was a way you could reset your metabolism, and balance your hormones and blood sugars in 21 days with some very simple changes to your diet?

What if all the hard work was done, you were told what to eat and in what portions, with recipes and the knowledge to create your own meals if you want to?

Many have tried programs and diets in the past to no avail (I was one of them), it’s too hard to stick to, too restrictive, too expensive and little results at the end of it all, or if you do get great results, they are only undone when you go back to your old habits…

Throughout the course of the 21 days, you will learn how to do clean eating the right way, what to eat, how much, how often (and you’re more likely to be full than hungry!), then once the 21 days is over you learn the next stages in to the maintenance program to maintain and even accelerate the results you have.

This program is designed to teach you what you need to know to make better choices for yourself and your family for the long term. No yo-yo diets here. Things like Intermittent Fasting and Keto only fail you long term with a 90% rebound rate. The key is making sustainable changes to help you long term.We’re not using food to lose weight, we are using food to create an environment in your body for hormonal balance, teaching you how to balance proteins, fats and carbohydrates to balance the blood sugar. Helping you to release stored fat and build lean muscle so your metabolism is working for you, so you can own your body, own your food choices and exercise efficiently so you can win forever! 

Losing weight may be a bi-product of fuelling your body correctly, for some, gaining weight or muscle may be the goal and the outcome. It’s all dependent on what your body needs. This program is about bringing your body in to balance for optimum health. Restoring energy levels, resetting the metabolism, optimizing digestion, balancing hormones and blood sugars and supporting collagen resilience.

By incorporating movement, such as walking, bike riding, yoga or going to the gym, you will enhance these results further, going at your own pace. I have done the program myself and after trying other things in the past, this program stands out for it’s simplicity and effectiveness, I lost the cravings and the bloating, plus the food is great! I look forward to every meal, making this a sustainable program to live on.

What’s included?

• Full Meal Plan co-created by celebrity nutrition coach Mark Macdonald

• Recipe Book to get you started as you learn

• Progress Tracker

• One on One coaching with me

Nutritional Supplements to fill any nutritional gaps

• Free access to our On-Demand Wellness Collection Yoga classes and workouts and fitness challenges

• Access to a supportive community to help you thrive

So, if you are ready to reset your metabolism and hormones in 21 days. If you are ready to start looking and feeling great. If you are ready to make some adjustments to your habits and want to work with me 1-1 as your coach and follow our online coaching program, with a supportive group to cheer you on and help you keep accountable… I am taking pre-registrations for the next intake now. Only 10 spots available at a time to ensure you each get the support you need in order to reach your goals!

So grab your partner or a friend who wants to feel great too and fill out the contact form below for more details!

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